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The Return to the Great Tradition: a master of modern English. Quarterly Review

a marvelous book, the work of a master glorifying the Master of All. University Bookman

a fascinating, and unusual combination of different elements... the city landscapes were particularly powerful. Alison Brackenbury

There's a great honesty driving through the collection which is always impressive. John Powell Ward

very fine: there's a confidence and rooted maturity about them; and nothing ornate! Peter Mullen

convey a gentle Christian vision, pertinent to the world in which we live Roger Scruton

very much resemble the vision of my husband. Annette Kirk

verse has a welcoming simplicity John Saward

an ear for beautiful things! Fiona Sampson

 a Catholic Geoffrey Hill? Aidan Nichols

lovely Alison Milbank

good David Yezzi

"wouldn't it be charming to sit down with a new book of poetry and be able to appreciate its beauties as well as its mysteries? To find that, after all, it is possible to disentangle meanings from complex syntactical configurations, and that, perhaps, looking up the occasional word is not so painful as originally imagined? If only there were a modern book of poetry, accessible enough to understand with a bit of work, that was written with a sincere sense of the true and the beautiful. That would be worthwhile. [This] is just such a book." St Austin Review

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St. Bride



A Vision

Two Satires

A Lyric

Fair Quiet


The Communion of Saints


Edward Norman "extremely perceptive" ~ Michael Burleigh "fascinating" ~ Michael Gove "absorbing and thought-provoking" ~ Joseph Pearce "fascinating" ~ Peter Mullen "just superb"

The Times  "an enjoyable, erudite and cohesive journey through the history and philosophy of English literature in 150 pithily written pages. Brilliantly thought out, and painstakingly researched"

John Powell Ward "I read this book with great interest and profit. So much of your basic cluster of premises is so important, and, as you imply, largely forgotten today."

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Times Review

Joseph Pearce

St Austin Review

New Liturgical Movement


Christian Culture

The Cuban Madonna






Cuban Counterpoint

The Poet and The Pope

Poetry and the Theology of the Body

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