Prince of Wales should reverse reformation to save Britain says new book

What Britain needs now is the religion it tried to bury with King Charles I and II, says Andrew Thornton-Norris in his new book The Spiritual History of English (published by the Social Affairs Unit.)

He says that today’s social and cultural decay comes from the death of Protestantism in the 1960’s. He believes that it was replaced by the social individualism characteristic of that decade which became the economic individualism of the 1980’s. Now, the idea of upholding objective standards in society or culture is derided and, he contends, this is shown in the demise of English literature.

Thornton-Norris believes that only the Roman Catholic Church is able to resist what the Pope describes as the “dictatorship of relativism”: to provide once protestant countries such as Britain and America with the underlying sense of values that they have lost. This is the challenge facing the future King Charles III, with his deep concern for spiritual, social and cultural matters.


According to The Times, “The Social Affairs Unit is famous for driving its coach and horses through the liberal consensus scattering intellectual picket lines as it goes [and] for raising questions which strike most people most of the time as too dangerous or too difficult to think about.” The SAU's website is available at and review copies are available from the Director, Michael Mosbacher.




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